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The diagram below illustrates my approach. First I research: what are the hot topics (Google Trends)?  What keywords are target consumers using (Keyword Planner tool)?  Then I’ll set up robust mechanisms to evaluate the creative, focused communications plan that I’ll implement.


Trending this decade

A thoughtful article shares what is trending this decade.  Here are the top ideas for businesses and brands.  

This thoughtful article in Influence magazine, Q1 2020 shares what is trending in the 2020s.  We know about some of the ideas already.

Three top ideas already trending

Top people are reducing the time they spend in the digital space to regain control of their lives and their time.  I wrote about that last month and how that challenges brands who are trying to reach them.  I suggested high quality and authentic engagement is one answer.  Something else already trending this decade is the desire for silence, mindfulness and going on retreats.  And the third top idea is, conversely, more noise!  That is, the prediction that more than half of online searches this year will be via voice command.  Meanwhile, the Financial Times has become the first British newspaper to produce audio content designed for your smart speaker.  PR companies and content creators must think about sonic content for their brands as as much as they do for visual.

Ethical consumerism, trending this decade for sure

Businesses and brands need to look at success differently.  It isn’t all about the bottom line, in the minds of many ethical consumers.  But how can we create non-financial value?  We can value employees, we can create sustainable supply chains, we can contribute time, talent and money to our communities and good causes.  Millennials will hold businesses and brands to account for their non-financial value – this philosophy is going to be trending this decade and beyond.

The power of 5G

Certainly trending this decade and coming very soon, is the power of 5G.  It is immeasurably more powerful than 4G.  It offers live-streaming concerts and online gaming involving millions of concurrent players. This greater bandwidth also offers advertisers and brand managers things like augmented reality and holograms.  This decade this trend is going to get massive as brands work out how to use the fabulous possibilities of 5G.  At the same time as huge things are happening online, micro-things will happen as well.  One of the top ideas I like the most is the possible decline of the global celebrity influencer.  Micro-influencers are becoming big – they have a few thousand followers who like the same things.  These micro-influencers are authentic and knowledgeable and speak precisely and meaningfully to this select group.  This will certainly be trending this decade.  Influence reports research showing that an enormous 96% of British people no longer trust today’s global influencers.

A good article on the power of 5G is here

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