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The diagram below illustrates my approach. First I research: what are the hot topics (Google Trends)?  What keywords are target consumers using (Keyword Planner tool)?  Then I’ll set up robust mechanisms to evaluate the creative, focused communications plan that I’ll implement.


Powerful brands

A brand that does what it says is a powerful brand.  Here are four attributes that powerful brands need.


When customers experience a brand in the way they had hoped, that is a powerful brand experience.  When the brand promise and delivery are aligned, customers engage authentically.  Employees enjoy their work and deliver the best possible brand experience.  They become loyal advocates for the brand.  Brands who fulfil their promises have permission to operate in their markets and community.


A brand shows us its values in its everyday behaviour.  Does it value the customer after the sale?  Does it value its employees’ loyalty?  It shows us what it values in its decisions, its relationships, how it sets prices, how it sets terms and conditions and much more.  All these factors either build up the brand or they diminish it.


Customers and other external stakeholders think of everyone in the organisation as part of the brand.  Every employee should understand what makes for a powerful brand.

Authenticity is a business goal

Everyone and everything they do can contribute to this goal.  When the customer’s experience does not match their original expectations, then the brand and the company will suffer sooner or later.

Further reading

I suggest this interesting article by Business Insider – powerful brands.

It talks about the world’s most powerful brands and what makes them so superior.  Lego is now the most powerful brand, according to many commentators.  It has replaced Ferrari in terms of trust, authenticity and popularity.  Brands don’t have to be old to be powerful and authentic.  Many are new and created recently but have understood these four factors clearly and apply them to everything they do, even in the tiniest details.  I find this inspiring and hope to see more powerful brands that are niche and regional.

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