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The diagram below illustrates my approach. First I research: what are the hot topics (Google Trends)?  What keywords are target consumers using (Keyword Planner tool)?  Then I’ll set up robust mechanisms to evaluate the creative, focused communications plan that I’ll implement.


Better journey

Most brands want to give the customer a better  journey.  That’s because they demand a good experience, not just a functional one.

Marketers are looking to deliver not just a functional customer experience but a good experience too.  The customer journey has to be quick, efficient and relevant. Brands know it is not enough to have the best service in any particular sector because consumers will compare their experiences across sectors.  Often they compare everything else with Amazon for online purchases or with Uber for any app interaction.  That is a challenge for many smaller online retailers.

The technology experience

Personalization is important.  But within the customer journey things like service, delivery and complaint handling are also key but often forgotten.  Technology can be a double-edged sword.  Marketers are famed for their relentless quest for the latest technology.  However, it is always worth standing back to check if customers are really demanding that same technical experience?

Technology is critical but only if it is harnessed to adding value to customers’ real experience.  Are customers of pension products really asking for services accessible through Alexa?  Maybe they just want precise, tailored information on email in response to their question on the same day.

The real experience

A leading marketing director told Catalyst magazine: “Customers are no longer content with the products they buy, it’s about the way they buy them.”  That means a complete, simple, convenient and clear process throughout the customer journey and beyond.

This journey is becoming an emotional experience not just a purchasing experience. Did the brand and the buying experience make them feel confident, relaxed, in control, clear about their options at all times?   If the answer is “yes” then that will deliver a great experience on every level and a lasting impression on the consumer.  Even unknown brands can win here if they can redefine customer service and deliver a real experience that makes customers feel good.

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